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Why Copay Waiver Can Be Illegal

Copays can be burdensome for patients.  But the government views them as an important part of Medicare.  As a result, routine copay waiver is illegal and results in criminal and...

HHS OIG Response to COVID-19 Challenges

The largest of the federal Offices of Inspectors General is at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS OIG). As we have written before, Offices of Inspectors General are...

Another Nursing Home Fraud Settlement: $10 Million for Fraudulent Therapy Billing

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced yet another nursing home fraud settlement.  Last month, Saber Healthcare Group LLC (and related entities) agreed to pay $10 million to resolve a...

Testing Fraud: Woman Arrested for Conspiracy Involving Both Genetic and COVID-19 Tests

On May 15th, federal authorities in Florida arrested a Georgia woman for testing fraud. The criminal complaint charges Ashley Hoobler Parris with conspiring to violate the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) and...

Covid-19 Ventilator Fraud: How To Get Paid A Ton of Money Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

We’ve written before that chaos creates the perfect storm for fraud and opportunism. One of the reasons for this is the underlying nature of capitalism itself: capitalism rewards risk-taking and...

First Arrests For COVID-19 Stimulus Fraud

Two New Englanders have the dubious distinction of being the first persons in the nation prosecuted for COVID-19 stimulus fraud. Federal authorities arrested the two men last week. They allegedly...

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