What We Do

Federal and state whistleblower laws allow persons or entities who know of fraud to bring wrongdoing to the attention of the government and receive a share of the recovery. We represent whistleblowers nationwide in cases involving violations of the federal and state False Claims Acts as well as violations of laws regulating securities, taxes, commodities and futures, customs tariffs and duties, foreign practices, and the banking industry. We also have used anti-retaliation laws to defend clients who have been punished by their employers for speaking out about such matters.


Fraud against government health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year. Over the past 20 years, health care fraud has been the most active area of False Claims Act cases, with billions of dollars recovered due to the efforts of whistleblowers. Fraudulent conduct however shows no sign of letting up, and health care fraud continues to be a top priority for government enforcement efforts.


Government regulation of securities, taxes, commodities and futures, customs tariffs and duties, and the banking industry protects the markets, competitors, consumers, and investors from market manipulation and other harms. To help battle fraud in these areas, the government has created a variety of whistleblower incentives, programs, and protections to encourage reporting of illegal activities.

Government Program Fraud

Federal and state government agencies must acquire the products and services they need to keep public programs running. From jet fighters to roads to computers, these agencies spend vast sums of money on contracts with third parties. With such large amounts of money at stake, detecting fraud in government contracts and grants is a major priority for the government.

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