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To learn more about us and our work on behalf of whistleblowers, please browse below for blog posts and articles we’ve drafted, as well as news about the firm. For more general information on this area of the law, please visit Resources or follow us on social media.

U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Hearing Highlights False Claims Act Whistleblower Law

False Claims Act filings and recoveries have reached new highs recently, with the Department of Justice expecting to collect over $5 billion in fiscal year 2014, bringing the total since...

Whistleblower Law Collaborative Attorneys Speak On Compliance

Typically we write about fraud enforcement and our work representing whistleblowers. But equally important to us is preventing fraud from happening (which ironically would put us out of business). To that end, we recently participated in two events focused on how companies can maintain...

Supreme Court to Clarify Statute of Limitations For Declined FCA Cases

This week the Supreme Court granted cert in Cochise Consultancy Inc. v. United States, ex rel. Hunt, No. 18-315 (Nov. 16, 2018) to resolve the question of whether the False Claims...

Whistleblower Client’s Case Leads to Massive $885 Million Recovery for Government

Yesterday was a big win for one of our whistleblower clients, the former chief operating officer of a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen Corporation (NYSE: ABC).  Mr. Mullen played an instrumental role...

We Are Giving Thanks

As False Claims Act lawyers and lovers of history, we have a certain reverence for Abraham Lincoln, the President given principal credit for conceiving of the need for a whistleblower...

Health Care Fraud and Abuse Seminar Turns the Corner

At BU Law School, the seminar on Health Care Fraud and Abuse led by whistleblower attorney Bob Thomas shifted yesterday from technical doctrine to the different viewpoints of practitioners in...

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