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Don’t Buy a Private Jet with the Proceeds of Your Medicaid Fraud

As whistleblower lawyers and former prosecutors, we have seen a lot.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of both of those roles is the wide (and wild) variety of “fact...

11th Circuit FCA Ruling Takes Practical Approach to Materiality

A version of this article appeared on Law 360: Expert Analysis on July 8, 2020. On June 25, in Ruckh v. Salus Rehabilitation, LLC, No. 18-10500 (11th Cir. June 25,...

Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Explained

Medicaid cannot negotiate drug prices the way private insurers can. This creates a risk that the public will overpay for needed drugs. The Medicaid Drug Rebate Program requires manufacturers to...

2020 False Claims Act Penalties

In June, DOJ updated the 2020 False Claims Act penalties to a range of $11,665 to $23,331. False Claims Act penalties are mandatory for each separate violation of the law.  A...

Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund Creates COVID-19 Task Force

Earlier this month, the Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund (TAFEF) formally announced the launch of a national COVID-19 Anti-Fraud Task Force. The Task Force will assist federal and state law...

False Claims Act Materiality Explained

One of the requirements for any False Claims Act case is that the falsity or fraud must be material.  We explain what that term means, and how a whistleblower goes...

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