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More Agency Transparency Is A Good Thing For Everyone

Yesterday the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) announced that it is making an important set of data about “adverse events” public for the first time.  This is excellent development for...

Vermont Uses Its New False Claims Act to Reach Medicaid Fraud Settlement

Vermont joined the ranks of 29 other states when it enacted a state False Claims Act, effective May 2015. Now this week the Vermont Attorney General announced what appears to be the...

DOJ Intervenes In Whistleblower Case Against Background Check Firm

In October, we wrote about the government’s intention to intervene in a pending whistleblower case against USIS, a security background check firm that is now accused of submitting hundreds of...

Today is Patriots’ Day, a Uniquely Massachusetts Holiday

Today we celebrate Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts. What is it? Held on the third Monday of April, it is a state holiday commemorating the start of the American Revolutionary War...

Experiments in Materiality: Escobar, the Recent Decision in Pfizer, and the Problem of Continued Payment

The U.S. Supreme Court perplexed health care fraud aficionados last summer with dicta listing a number of enigmatic factors for determining when fraud under the False Claims Act (“FCA”) counts...

Third Circuit Reaffirms Breadth of False Claims Act in United States ex rel. Greenfield v. Medco Health Solutions

Courts have long held that to prove a False Claims Act case premised on illegal kickbacks, a plaintiff need not prove that kickbacks caused specific claims because “[t]he Government does...

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