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DOJ Intervenes on Data Whistleblower’s Suit

For as long as fraudsters have existed, so have whistleblowers. Traditionally, whistleblowers have been insiders who relay personal knowledge of a company’s fraudulent behavior to the government. However, the advent...

Massachusetts Company Settles N95 Mask Fraud Case for $3.5 Million

Last week, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office announced a settlement with Bedrock LLC for N95 mask fraud. Bedrock, a Salem-based company, will pay $3.5 million. The AG’s Office alleged that...

Justice Department Cracks Down on COVID Fraud

On March 26, 2021, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced updated results of its expanded criminal and civil enforcement cracking down on COVID-19 fraud.  These efforts resulted in DOJ publicly...

Another Guilty Plea in Nation’s First CARES Act Fraud Case

A Massachusetts man pleaded guilty last week in the country’s first prosecution for CARES Act fraud. As we previously reported, federal authorities charged David Staveley and David Butziger last May...

How Compliance Officers Can Become Whistleblowers

The panel explored how and when compliance officers can become a whistleblowers and bring an SEC or FCA whistleblower complaint. This may happen, for example, where the compliance professional is...

Best Practices for Successful Compliance Culture

The panelists stressed that an organization should have the right compliance culture.  This includes a strong, respected compliance department with authority and proper reporting channels.  This requires both that the...

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