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Mind the Gap? Using the False Claims Act to Close the Tax Gap and Combat Tax Fraud

A growing number of states and cities are considering legislation to expand their False Claims Acts to cover tax fraud.  The expanded laws will enlist whistleblowers in the fight to...

United States Intervenes in Whistleblower Law Collaborative’s False Claims Act Case Against Mallinckrodt for Unpaid Acthar Rebates

Today, the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts announced that the United States has filed a complaint in intervention in a False Claims...

US ex rel Banigan v. Pharmerica, a Victory for Sensible Statutory Interpretation of the Original Source Exception

Last week, the First Circuit issued a decision in United States ex rel. Banigan & Templin v. Pharmerica, Inc., et al., a long-running False Claims Act (FCA) suit.  Pharmerica is...

Relator Share of 29% to Whistleblowers in $54M Teva Pharmaceuticals Settlement

Last month, a New York federal court awarded two whistleblowers a 29% relator share of a multi-million dollar False Claims Act settlement.  Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (“Teva”) and two of its...

EKRA – Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act

In January of this year, the Department of Justice announced what is believed to be the first conviction under the new Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act (EKRA).  EKRA is a...

Preserving And Protecting The Rule Of Law

Confidence in the rule of law is one of the most fundamental pillars of our shared democracy. Recent events involving the Department of Justice (DOJ) have put this issue in...

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