Why Choose Us

When you choose us, as your whistleblower lawyers you can trust us to put your case on the best possible footing to succeed. The government receives many hundreds of whistleblower cases every year and cannot give equal attention to each one. It is critical that the case you file rise to the top of the pile and get the attention it deserves. This is where we come in.

We have over 160 years of combined experience working as government and whistleblower attorneys. Our prior civil and criminal experience as fraud prosecutors gives us an inside view of what makes a successful whistleblower case. We know and have developed professional relationships with hundreds of attorneys, prosecutors, investigators, and law enforcement agents. When we take on a whistleblower case, government attorneys know that we have done our homework and are reliable, trustworthy partners in fighting fraud. We have a hard-earned reputation for integrity and professionalism, which are vital qualities when presenting a case to the government.

The credentials and experience of this team are exceptional. It was obvious that they have extraordinary credibility with the both the government and other counsel. What sets them apart is that they also are thoughtful, decent, friendly, smart people who welcomed and engaged me as a valued member of the team. They prefer to collaborate and play well with others but are equally effective when a tougher approach or litigation is called for. This is a fine, trustworthy group of attorneys who are committed to doing the right thing.

– Mike Mullen

We work tirelessly with our clients to develop the strongest possible case. The whistleblower laws we utilize are civil in nature, but the strongest, most successful civil fraud cases are those with a core of criminality. Government prosecutors are looking for a scheme–for evidence that the defendant is a liar, a cheater, or a thief. As former prosecutors ourselves, we will present your case in a compelling and persuasive manner. After your whistleblower case has been filed, our knowledge of the various investigative techniques available to the government (such as consensual monitoring, search warrants, and grand jury subpoenas) enables us to collaborate with prosecutors and advise you on the best ways to advance your case.

The decision to become a whistleblower is often a difficult and lonely one. Once you’ve taken that step, having the right whistleblower law firm to fight for you is essential. When you choose us as your whistleblower lawyers, you get the collective wisdom and talents of six accomplished former prosecutors with decades of litigation experience, people who have seen situations like yours before and successfully guided clients through the intricacies of being a whistleblower. We will be by your side every step of the way on your journey to expose wrongdoing and achieve justice.

I often reflect on my case – from my initial interview with the Whistleblower Law Collaborative to signing the settlement. There were many things I pondered during that time. To this day, the one question that has never entered my mind is, ‘did I select the right firm?’

– Eben Steele

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