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David Lieberman Speaks On Panel For National Whistleblower Day

On Saturday July 30, Whistleblower Law Collaborative member David Lieberman spoke on a National Whistleblower Day panel.  The panel was part of this year’s NWC National Whistleblower Day titled Building on Their Legacy....

Supreme Court Will Decide When Government Can Dismiss False Claims Act Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will decide when the government can choose to dismiss False Claims Act cases.  A key feature of the False Claims Act is the...

False Claims Act Penalties: A Complete Guide

The False Claims Act requires a penalty for each each violation. The FCA penalty amount also increases with inflation each year. Currently, False Claims Act penalties range as high as $25,076...

2022 False Claims Act Penalties

In May, the Government updated the Civil False Claims Act penaltiesto account for inflation.  Now, for violations occurring after May 9, 2022, civil False Claims Act penalties will range from...

Court (Mis)Interprets EKRA to Allow Commission Payments to Marketers

Recently a Hawaii district court concluded that EKRA does not apply to marketers.  That interpretation is contrary to the core statutory text and purpose of the statute.  Hopefully this opinion,...

AKS – Anti Kickback Statute Explained

The Anti-Kickback Statute prohibits offering or accepting kickbacks intended to generate health care business. Violation of the Anti Kickback Statute (AKS) is a felony, with serious penalties.  Violating the Anti-Kickback...

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