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To learn more about us and our work on behalf of whistleblowers, please browse below for posts and articles we’ve drafted, as well as news about the Whistleblower Law Collaborative. For more general information on this area of the law, please visit Resources or follow us on social media.

Boston Magazine Names Whistleblower Law Collaborative Attorneys As 2022 Top Whistleblower Lawyers

Whistleblower Law Collaborative is pleased to announce that Boston Magazine has named attorneys Suzanne Durrell, Linda Severin, David W. S. Lieberman, and Erica Blachman Hitchings as Top Whistleblower Lawyers of...

Defendants Pay Over $6.8 Million To Settle DermaTran Compounding Pharmacy False Claims Act Case

The United States settled a False Claims Act case brought one of our clients against DermaTran Health Solutions, LLC, a compounding pharmacy based in Rome, Georgia, its parent State Mutual Insurance Company, President...

David Lieberman Speaks On Panel For National Whistleblower Day

On Saturday July 30, Whistleblower Law Collaborative member David Lieberman spoke on a National Whistleblower Day panel.  The panel was part of this year’s NWC National Whistleblower Day titled Building on Their Legacy....

Supreme Court Will Decide When Government Can Dismiss False Claims Act Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will decide when the government can choose to dismiss False Claims Act cases.  A key feature of the False Claims Act is the...

False Claims Act Penalties: A Complete Guide

The False Claims Act requires a penalty for each each violation. The FCA penalty amount also increases with inflation each year. Currently, False Claims Act penalties range as high as $25,076...

2022 False Claims Act Penalties

In May, the Government updated the Civil False Claims Act penalties to account for inflation.  Now, for violations assessed after May 9, 2022, civil False Claims Act penalties will range...

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