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Suzanne Durrell Interviewed by Corporate Crime Reporter

August 7, 2020

Whistleblower Law Collaborative Co-Founder and Managing Partner Suzanne Durrell was featured in the July 13 print issue of Corporate Crime Reporter.  Her interview covers the newly announced Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund national COVID-19 Anti-Fraud Task Force on which she serves.

In the race to find a cure, the government is engaging in a public/private partnership with industry. Our bar is concerned that we are going to need a vast public/private partnership as well with whistleblowers and attorneys to keep people honest to make sure the money isn’t wasted with fraud.

We need speed and innovation and all hands on deck, but we don’t need cutting corners. We don’t need unclean hands. And we don’t need actions that could lead to patient harm if the right rules are not followed.

She also discussed her impressive thirty plus year career fighting fraud on behalf of the government and whistleblowers.

When I left the Justice Department in 2002, I was one of the very people who left the Justice Department and decided to work on the whistleblower cases. Most everyone went to the defense side. Now in the last few years, there are probably twenty or thirty people I know of that have gone from being an assistant U.S. Attorney or being at the Civil Division to being on the [whistleblower’s] side. It’s a welcome development.

Check out more excerpts of the Q&A with Suzanne Durrell at Corporate Crime Reporter, or read the entire interview in the July 13, 2020 edition.