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David Lieberman Speaks On Panel For National Whistleblower Day

August 4, 2022

On Saturday July 30, Whistleblower Law Collaborative member David Lieberman spoke on a National Whistleblower Day panel.  The panel was part of this year’s NWC National Whistleblower Day titled Building on Their Legacy.

National Whistleblower Day

National Whistleblower Day commemorates the history of whistleblowing in our country. It is held on the 243rd anniversary of America’s first whistleblower law, enacted on July 30th, 1778. The Continental Congress unanimously passed the law after ten whistleblowers reported wrongdoing by a naval officer.

David Lieberman Speaks on Building Their Legacy Panel For National Whistleblower Day

On the National Whistleblower Day panel, David Lieberman joined Matthew Beddingfield of Zerbe, Miller, Fingeret, Frank & Jadav and Kayla Svihovec of Kohn, Kohn, and Colapinto.  Together they discussed their role in whistleblower rights and protections and best practices learned from mentors.  David was excited to talk about the role mentors play in his practice.

He also spent time explaining the role that younger attorneys have in working with whistleblowers to stay abreast of new frauds and new tools used to fight them.  He pointed out that new kinds of fraud are constantly cropping up in areas like Pandemic Funds, Telehealth and Genetic Testing.  Younger attorneys are on the forefront of stopping ever evolving fraud against the government and public.

If you’d like to watch the panel you can find it below: