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National Whistleblower Day 2022: How Lucky We Are at WLC

July 28, 2022

As National Whistleblower Appreciation Day approaches this Saturday, July 30, we tip our hats to our clients.  They are, quite simply, courageous.  They are driven by a desire to right a wrong that they see happening.

Our Whistleblower Clients Stick to Their Principles

As WLC attorney Bruce Judge aptly puts it: “Whistleblowers don’t go along to get along.  They stick to their principles and speak up.”

WLC attorney Linda Severin expressed her appreciation for this very characteristic in our client in the recently resolved Mallinckrodt case:

“It was an honor to pursue this case on Mr. Landolt’s behalf. His moral compass would not allow him to stand by and do nothing as Mallinckrodt continued to underpay its Medicaid rebate obligations by hundreds of millions of dollars.”

National Whistleblower Day Shines a Light on a Variety of Whistleblowers

Our clients have exposed big healthcare companies and financial fraudsters.  They have spoken up when patient care is compromised.  They raise their hand to object when defective products are put on the market, sold to our troops, or used in public works projects.

And they even speak out when their job is on the line.

In short, they do the hard work to protect the public from fraudsters.

And we are grateful to represent them.

We are Grateful to Represent Whistleblowers

All of us here at WLC recognize the importance of whistleblowers.

I, for one, admire the poise, focus, and commitment that my clients show on a daily basis. I worked with whistleblowers for years as a False Claims Act government attorney.  But, I did not fully appreciate the challenges whistleblowers face until I became their lawyer.

David Lieberman, who is speaking at this year’s NWC National Whistleblower Day, explains:

The best part of my job is getting to work with courageous whistleblowers who stand up for what’s right.

Suzanne Durrell has worked with whistleblowers for over forty years. She values their courage and “willingness to risk coming forward.”  Suzanne notes that whistleblowers have more than just evidence.  They often understand industry practices and standards that make them incredibly valuable partners with government prosecutors.

And WLC attorney Bob Thomas is so enamored with topic of whistleblowers that he designed an entire law school course about them!

Today, on National Whistleblower Day, we take an extra moment to celebrate our brave clients.


Client's False Claims Act case settles for $12.9 Million
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