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Declined Cases: Whistleblowers Can Win When Going It Alone

The federal and state False Claims Acts permit whistleblowers (known as “relators”) to pursue qui tam complaints even in declined cases. A declined case is one where the government has...

Taxpayers Against Fraud Comments on Proposed Changes to Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced proposed changes to regulations interpreting two critical laws used to fight fraud in government health care programs: the Anti-Kickback...

Medical Directorships Face False Claims Act Scrutiny

Just last week, HHS OIG issued a Fraud Alert warning that “Physicians who enter into compensation arrangements such as medical directorships must ensure that those arrangements reflect fair market value for...

John Oliver Explains Dialysis

John Oliver recently devoted most of his show “Last Week Tonight” to explaining how America funds kidney dialysis.  Oliver admitted the topic was likely to make his viewers push the button...

$238 Million Judgment For Tuomey in False Claims Act and Stark Case

After two jury trials and one appeal, a federal district court judge lowered the boom on Tuomey, ordering it to pay over $277 million for False Claims Act (FCA) violations...

Turning Your CEO Into a Whistleblower

We wish we didn’t see this kind of story all the time, but we do: a high level executive gets sacked for trying to do the right thing. In this...

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