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Clinical Laboratories Indicted for Medicaid Fraud and Illegal Kickbacks

A Massachusetts grand jury indicted four clinical laboratories for Medicaid fraud and paying illegal kickbacks.  The Massachusetts Attorney General also charged the laboratories’ owners, two marketing companies, and a physician...

Court (Mis)Interprets EKRA to Allow Commission Payments to Marketers

Recently a Hawaii district court concluded that EKRA does not apply to marketers.  That interpretation is contrary to the core statutory text and purpose of the statute.  Hopefully this opinion,...

AKS – Anti Kickback Statute Explained

The Anti-Kickback Statute prohibits offering or accepting kickbacks intended to generate health care business. Violation of the Anti Kickback Statute (AKS) is a felony, with serious penalties.  Violating the Anti-Kickback...

Relator Share of 29% to Whistleblowers in $54M Teva Pharmaceuticals Settlement

Last month, a New York federal court awarded two whistleblowers a 29% relator share of a multi-million dollar False Claims Act settlement.  Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (“Teva”) and two of its...

Illegal Referrals of Medicare Patients Lead to Criminal Convictions

Last Thursday, the Department of Justice issued press releases in two cases involving illegal referrals of Medicare patients. In each case, the defendant was convicted of receiving kickbacks from home...

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