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Suzanne Durrell Named One of the Top Women of Law

September 16, 2022

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Recognizes Extraordinary Women Lawyers

The Whistleblower Law Collaborative is proud to announce that Suzanne Durrell has been named one of the Top Women of Law by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.  The Top Women of Law recognizes women lawyers who are pioneers, educators, trailblazers and role models in the field.  Ms. Durrell, co-founder and managing member of the Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC, joins an exceptional group of women honorees.

Suzanne Durrell Recognized as a False Claims Act Pioneer

Ms. Durrell receives the honor “top women of law” for her achievements in the qui tam arena. She previously served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and as Deputy Chief, and then Chief, Civil Division, U. S. Attorney’s Office, Boston.  In that role, she supervised and prosecuted qui tam and False Claims Act cases from 1989 to 2002.  In 2003, she began representing whistleblowers in False Claim Act cases and has continued to do so to this day.

Her legal acumen has helped return hundreds of millions of dollars to the public fisc, stopped fraudsters who abused the public trust, and rewarded whistleblowers for their bravery.  For example, she has represented whistleblowers in numerous landmark cases, including: a $762 million recovery against Amgen, an $885 million recovery against Amerisource Bergen, a $465 million settlement with Mylan, and many more.

The Top Women of Law event is November 16, 2022 in Boston.

The Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC

The Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC, based in Boston, devotes its practice entirely to representing clients nationwide in bringing actions under the federal and state False Claims Acts and other whistleblower programs. Under the False Claims Act, a private citizen (known as a “relator”) who suspects or knows of fraud against the government can act as a whistleblower and file a sealed complaint on behalf of the government.

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