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Melissa Tremblay Named for Excellence in Legal Administration

April 11, 2023

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Recognizes Excellence in the Law

Whistleblower Law Collaborative is proud to announce that Melissa Tremblay has earned the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly award for Excellence in Legal Administration. Melissa will receive her award at the annual Excellence in the Law event in May 2023. Melissa has been with the firm since it was launched by WLC co-founders Bob Thomas and Suzanne Durrell in 2003. Together, Bob, Suzanne, and Melissa proved a powerful team, crafting many whistleblower case successes and developing lasting friendships. By 2019, WLC had seamlessly expanded to include six lawyers.

Melissa Tremblay Recognized for Accomplishments in Organizing the Firm During Growth and Pandemic

Melissa receives the honor Excellence in Legal Administration for her achievements in managing the firm’s transition from a two to six lawyer firm.  She also successfully managed and refined the firm’s processes during the pandemic.  Anticipating the technological, accounting, legal, and work styles for each of the firm’s six lawyers, especially during a pandemic, is no small feat, but Melissa handles it with grace and efficiency.  Whistleblower Law Collaborative had a blockbuster year in 2022, and Melissa’s contributions to the firm’s success are unquestioned.

Melissa and I have navigated several different law practice scenarios together, from a large firm to solo practice, to a two lawyer practice, to a six lawyer law firm.  Throughout she has been the model of professionalism:  thorough, careful, open to learning new skills, solicitous of the feelings and needs of her work colleagues, and steady at the wheel.  It’s been an honor and privilege to work with her and have her as a friend, and she richly deserves this recognition.

-Bob Thomas, WLC Managing Member and Co-Founder

From my first days at WLC in 2019, Melissa has welcomed me with open arms and ensured that I (and each of my colleagues) has the support we need.  More importantly, she is a fantastic first connection for the many potential clients who contact our office.  I am frequently told by clients that talking to Melissa in the first instance put them at ease and helped build a long-lasting trust with our firm.

– Erica Blachman Hitchings, WLC Attorney Member

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa  for some twenty years. Until very recently she served not only as our firm administrator, but also as our sole administrative professional, performing all of the legal support and paralegal work needed for our busy caseload. Throughout, Melissa has seamlessly handled all the transitions in her evolving job duties.  She does everything needed to keep the firm running smoothly so the lawyers can focus on practicing law. She is the backbone of the firm, a woman of many talents who is really indispensable to our practice.  I have often referred to her as our ‘administrative professional extraordinaire.’ I am delighted that this award acknowledges her many talents and contributions!

-Suzanne Durrell, WLC Managing Member and Co-Founder

The Excellence in the Law event is May 16, 2023 in Boston.  In addition to firm administration, the event will also recognize excellence in paralegal work, pro bono, and up and coming lawyers.

WLC salutes all the award winners and is excited to cheer on Melissa on May 16.

Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC

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