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Home Health Care Fraud Settlement for our Clients

We are happy to report that the government successfully resolved a False Claims Act case filed by two of our clients against North Atlantic Medical Services (NAMS).  The case involves fraud by a home health care supplier against Medicare and Medicaid.

The settlement was announced by the United States Department of Justice, as a result of a coordinated effort by the Civil Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, FBI, HHS-OIG, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The defendant NAMS is a medical device company based in Massachusetts. It provides equipment and services for the treatment of respiratory ailments, such as oxygen deficiency and sleep apnea. The government alleged that it used unlicensed employees to set up sleep apnea masks and oxygen therapy equipment for patients.  Subsequently, it illegally billed for these services.

NAMS agreed to pay $852,378 to resolve the case. And, the whistleblowers will jointly share a portion of the federal and state recoveries in the case.

We are very proud of our clients, who took the risk in coming forward to alert law enforcement and other authorities to the home health care fraud and the threat to patient safety.  The patients who need these services are among our most vulnerable, and deserve our protection.

Learn more about the case, United States ex rel. John Does v. Regional Home Care, Inc. d/b/a North Atlantic Medical also d/b/a North Atlantic Medical Tolman Clinical Laboratory and as North Atlantic Medical Services, Docket No. 12-CA-11979 (D. Mass.).