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To learn more about us and our work on behalf of whistleblowers, please browse below for posts and articles we’ve drafted, as well as news about the Whistleblower Law Collaborative. For more general information on this area of the law, please visit Resources or follow us on social media.

The Whistleblower Interview: What do you need to know?

“You are going to meet with federal government attorneys and agents.” Those can be terrifying words to hear. But they need not be. If you are a whistleblower who has...

National Whistleblower Day 2022: How Lucky We Are at WLC

As National Whistleblower Appreciation Day approaches this Saturday, July 30, we tip our hats to our clients.  They are, quite simply, courageous.  They are driven by a desire to right...

A False Claims Act Relator Can Take Many Forms, Bob Thomas Explains

This past Friday, WLC Co-Founder Bob Thomas participated in a panel discussion of three False Claims Act practitioners on “The Modern Relator.”  The panel was part of the Federal Bar...

DOJ Announces $1 Million Urine Drug Testing Fraud Settlement

The Department of Justice has recovered $1 million in a urine drug testing fraud settlement with Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists (NAPS).  The False Claims Act (FCA) settlement resolves allegations that...

How Compliance Officers Can Become Whistleblowers

The panel explored how and when compliance officers can become a whistleblowers and bring an SEC or FCA whistleblower complaint. This may happen, for example, where the compliance professional is...

Best Practices for Successful Compliance Culture

The panelists stressed that an organization should have the right compliance culture.  This includes a strong, respected compliance department with authority and proper reporting channels.  This requires both that the...

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