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Arthrex Pays $16 Million To Settle False Claims Act Case

The United States has settled a federal False Claims Act qui tam case brought by a client of the Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC against Arthrex, Inc., a Florida-based medical device...

FDA Adverse Event Data: More Agency Transparency Is A Good Thing For Everyone

Yesterday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it would make important adverse event data public for the first time.  This is excellent development for anyone who cares about...

Vermont Uses Its New False Claims Act to Reach Medicaid Fraud Settlement

Vermont joined the ranks of 29 other states when it enacted a state False Claims Act, effective May 2015. This week the Vermont Attorney General announced what appears to be the...

2017 Banner Year for DOJ and Whistleblower Recoveries in False Claims Act Cases

DOJ recovered a whopping $3.7 billion in False Claims Act cases in fiscal year 2017, of which $2.4 billion involved health care fraud. Whistleblowers (known as relators) filed the vast...

Medical Device Manufacturer Settles False Claims Act Lawsuit

The Department of Justice settled a False Claims Act lawsuit against Medtronic, Inc. for promoting off label unapproved uses of its “SubQ” spinal stimulation medical device.  Medtronic paid $2.8 million to...

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