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Bob Thomas, WLC Co-Founder, Discusses Covid-19 Fraud on WGBH Program “Greater Boston”

April 27, 2020

This past Friday evening, Whistleblower Law Collaborative Co-Founder Bob Thomas appeared on Emily Rooney’s WGBH Program Greater Boston to discuss Covid-19 fraud. The news program rounds up the local and national news stories for the Boston television market.  The segment was the first part of the broadcast and lasted approximately seven minutes.   

Ms. Rooney questioned Bob about whether the government should be faulted for some of the failures for stimulus checks to reach their intended recipients, and also what kinds of fraud scams people should be looking out for in this chaotic environment.  The link to the segment can be found here or viewed below.

As Bob Thomas explained on the WGBH program, we anticipate, two large waves of fraud-related activity in connection to the Covid-19 pandemic.  There will be and already are a number of scams related to health care, medical cures, testing, and stakes in companies providing such services and products.  Another wave will be companies and individuals who will be tapping into stimulus funds when they are ineligible to receive them.  We will be providing updates on these developments on a regular basis on this website.   

We encourage people to come forward if they are aware of clear instances of fraud.