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Bob Thomas Appears on TRT World To Discuss on Comey and Trump

On April 17, Whistleblower Law Collaborative’s own Bob Thomas was invited to join Imran Garda on the TRT World flagship program program The Newsmakers to offer his insights as a former federal prosecutor.   Bob joined Garda to discuss the implications of James Comey’s accusation that Trump is “morally unfit to be president.”

TRT World is Turkey’s first international English-language news network. It reaches over 260 million households around the world and streams to a wide online audience.  www.trtworld.com/live.  The Newsmakers is the TRT World flagship debate show. It is typically an hour long, and features high profile and influential guest commentators every day.

Bob squared off against Minnesota Senate Candidate Richard Painter and Radio Host John Gibson.  Thomas offered his concerns as a former law enforcement officer that the President’s conduct threatens to erode respect for the rule of law and the political and cultural values and norms required to hold accountable our elected officials.  Bob Thomas provided a counterpoint to some of the more partisan views of  TRT World Newsmakers‘s other guests.