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Cutler Eye & Skin Center — $55,000

Ophthalmologist Martin E. Cutler, M.D., and his company agreed to pay $55,000 to the United States to resolve allegations that they submitted false claims to Medicare for medically unnecessary services. This included falsely billing Medicare for ophthalmic diagnostic imaging when there was no underlying diagnosis to justify the imaging and falsely billing Medicare for office visits where a prior claim for the same visit had been denied and the new claim was not supported by Dr. Cutler’s documentation.

Our client, a former employee of Dr. Cutler’s, filed a False Claims Act complaint that led to the government investigation and settlement. 

United States et al. ex rel. Relator v. Martin E. Cutler, M.D., and Martin E. Cutler, M.D., P.C., d/b/a Cutler Eye & Skin Center, Civil Action No. 14-CV-11879-IT (D. Mass.).

Client's False Claims Act case settles for $12.9 Million
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