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Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Reflections After the Last Class of the Semester at BU Law School

Whistleblower Law Collaborative partners Bob Thomas and Erica Blachman Hitchings recently called it a wrap in their BU School of Law Health Care Fraud and Abuse seminar.

The Course

Over thirteen two-hour sessions this fall, nine second- and third-year students participated in a deep dive into Health Care Fraud and Abuse. The course covered the substantive law, regulations, and judicial opinions of this heavily-regulated industry. It also emphasized the practical ways in which lawyers operate. Four of the sessions featured guest speakers including compliance officers, defense lawyers, prosecutors, and whistleblowers. Each shed light on how these laws impact the way they work and live.

The Final Class

The final session started with the always entertaining and revealing Jeopardy Game, which you too can take a crack at here. This game is useful both as entertainment and as a study guide.  It shows how the course blends doctrinal substance with “Tricks of the Trade.”

The students also shared what they got out of the course with some thoughtful insights. Here’s a sampling:

The Value and Joy of Teaching

This was Bob’s tenth time teaching this course, and Erica’s first. The dual energy was a new and positive twist, but the takeaways are the same. First, this topic is far more interesting than even seasoned practitioners could imagine. Second, teaching is a wonderful way to stay connected to open and eager minds and up to date on the latest developments in the law. And third, saying goodbye to students one has come to know and respect is always difficult. That said, Bob and Erica know the students will be ready to hit the ground running when they step out of school; they look forward to watching them succeed!

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