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David Lieberman Selected to Law360 Health Care Editorial Board


Whistleblower Law Collaborative is pleased to announce that David Lieberman has been selected to be a member of Law360’s 2023 Health Care Editorial Board.   This selection reflects the thought leadership position of WLC not only in the whistleblower space, but also in the health care legal industry.

Law360 Editorial Boards Offer Insight to Reporters

Law360 has numerous editorial boards, each devoted to a specific area of law such as Appellate, Bankruptcy, Fintech, and Health Care or a specific region of the country such as Florida, Massachusetts and New York. The purpose of the editorial advisory boards is to provide feedback from readers on how Law360 can improve its coverage and provide its reporters with a pool of potential sources.

David Lieberman Will Offer Guidance on Medical Fraud Cases

David, an experienced commercial litigator and former Assistant Attorney General, represents whistleblowers prosecuting fraud under the False Claims Act and other qui tam statutes. David was previously Managing Editor of the Columbia Law Review and is currently a contributing writer for the legal podcast Talking Feds. David’s selection for the Health Care Editorial Board will enable him to provide useful guidance about the changing landscape in medical fraud cases and the whistleblowers who bring them.

I’m honored to be selected to help guide Law 360’s coverage of issues vital to the legal community.

Whistleblower Law Collaborative, LLC

David’s appointment to the Health Care Editorial Board follows on the heels of WLC’s selection as Law360 Health Care Group of the Year for 2022. Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC, based in Boston, devotes its practice entirely to representing clients nationwide in bringing actions under the federal and state False Claims Acts and other whistleblower programs.

For more information, contact Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC at 617.366.2800.

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